The Sky Is The Limit

One thing that we like to emphasize in regards to our ceremony every year is that this isn’t supposed to be an “end goal” for anyone of our participants. Even though it is a very prestigious award to be given, we want this to be a jumping point for the industry and a time where we can all come together, put our minds together, and see what the future holds for our respective industries.

More Motivation

cameraworkersWe have brought this topic up quite a few times on this page but it is important and it goes for both our winners and those who did not receive an award or recognition this time around. Even if you didn’t win, use this gathering as a chance to meet up with others in your business to put your minds together and try and change the whole industry.

None of us are leaving this business anytime soon and we want to be the ones to take it to another direction and continue to have breakthroughs as the years go on. As we have mentioned before, the industry is only losing contractors all around the country so it is up to us to make sure we aren’t replaced by robots in the future and continue to make the changes we have made all of these years.

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