The Roofers & Contractors

Just like the guys working in the construction business, the demand for roofers and other general contractors is on the rise and we seem to be seeing fewer and fewer people entering this industry as well. The reasons behind this phenomenon are similar to the reasons less people are entering the construction business and the two can somewhat be considered “synonyms” of each other when we are talking about them in this fashion.

An Exciting Time, Nonetheless!

What is so great about our annual event and as we briefly discussed before, times have never been better for the general contracting industry out there! Even though there seems to be less people entering the business, the products and innovations that are developing every day are more advanced and sophisticated than ever before.

gutterskyAlthough they weren’t crowned the winners (we don’t like to consider anyone who is a part of our celebration to be “losers”), Superior Roofing & Siding Company deserves a mention because of their contribution to our event and the industry as a whole. We won’t take credit or give away what they are working on, but they are on their way to revolutionizing the way people look at gutter and roofing protection. In theory, this could one day be a one encompassing system which could greatly minimize the amount of time that it would take to implement each system separately. This is what we are looking for in our event and is putting them right on track to being crowned at one of our future events!

These are the sort of innovations and breakthroughs that make our annual celebration so exciting! Even though the numbers are shrinking in regards to those entering the field, the advancements and technology that is being put into them has never been stronger or more promising. We hope that there are more out there like us who see these times as exciting opportunities, rather than a dismal state of our respective industries.

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