The Construction Workers

construction2Unfortunately, there seems to be a steady decline of those trying to enter the construction industry and we believe that this is for a number of different reasons. Like we briefly mentioned before and first of all, times are changing drastically and technology has quickly become the fastest growing industry in today’s job market.

Needless to day, this high demand of IT workers or computer programmers has created a generation that are jumping head first into various tech fields which are leaving less people willing to take on construction jobs.

According to this Atlantic Article, the construction business has seen a nearly 60% decrease in employment for workers in Nevada and other states seem to be following the same trend. Government and corporate funding seems to be following the tech trend by focusing much more on them and neglecting the construction industry.


As opposed to looking at this from a negative stand point, we like to look at this as an exciting time to encourage others to think about going into the construction business because the demand has been increasing as the supply of skilled and experienced workers are decreasing. As we acknowledge and award those who have excelled in their field, we hope to be encouraging and motivating people out there to consider coming to our field.

Until the day comes where robots are constructing our buildings and architects for us, there will be an increasing demand for workers and now is the perfect time to take advantage of it.

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