More Than Just An Award

What we really love about our annual celebrating construction event is that we feel as though we are really helping out the industry as a whole by commending those who are invited every year. We want to get people excited about our industry to keep innovation and motivation alive. As we have mentioned before, supply is low and demand is high for construction workers as a whole around the country and we want to turn that trend around.


In addition to our award and recognition, those who are crowned at our event are given a great opportunity to exposure in their business and business grows exponentially for them once it is over.

dirtyWe like to think that there are a few people out there working in the construction business who might work a little bit harder with the hopes of being given one of our awards bringing them much better business for the future. Motivation is our entire goal for this event because we have so much passion for what we do.

Our event is the absolute perfect way for those looking to get their innovative and unique ideas to the public’s attention and hopefully shape the industry for the better. In addition to getting more potential customers, you are also catching the attention of all of the top contractors and construction workers in the entire country.

We love seeing all of these great minds come together and share their knowledge with one another.

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