Industry Professionals Coming Together

The ultimate goal of our award ceremony every year isn’t to show off and try and out-do the other professionals in your respective industry, but rather to have the most innovative and creative minds come together once a year to learn from one another. We have spent countless hours with each ceremony that we have finding the most reputable and creative construction workers and contractors from all over the country and put them all under the same roof for one amazing evening.

The Unsung Heroes

All of the work that we do to put this celebration together every year is nothing compared to the hard work and dedication that our participants do every single day. In this day and age of growing technology industry, there doesn’t seem to be enough acknowledgement for the men and women who have built the amazing working societies all throughout the country.


Sure, there are a large number of people out there who know the basics of general contracting or construction jobs who carry on with their various respective careers throughout the day, but this event was made to bring out the ones who have changed the industry for the better.

The general contractors and construction workers that are nominated or invited to our prestigious event are those who have proven themselves and continue to advance our field. Just like our previous years, 2014 was no exception and we had an amazing turnout with professionals from all over the country.

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