What’s Next?

2014 was a very exciting year for all of us in the construction and contracting industry and this only gets us more excited for the years to come.

The Future

So what do we have in store for the years to come?

Well we have more of the same, so to speak. We are in the process of expanding our ceremony to be even bigger and better than 2014 and 2015 in the hopes that we are going to energize the industry even more and help continue the path that we have set for all of the contractors out there who don’t get the recognition that they deserve.

smoothingAs our organization grows and expands, we have received help from a number of different sponsors and affiliates that are helping make our visions come true.

A special thanks goes out to St Peters Roofing INC as well as WBRC News for their generous contributions to this years event. We hope that the help you have provided shows in the work that we did for this years event.

With our ceremony growing as the years go by and the success we have been gaining, it is our hopes that more companies and contractors with our same vision will be as generous as these have been and help make our event bigger and better every single year.

2014 Conclusion

We can’t thank all of you enough for the support that we have received and we genuinely hope that we have shown our gratitude enough. We would not be able to put on this prestigious event every year if it weren’t for all of the men and women working harder than any other industry we know and here is to many more years of continued success.

The Sky Is The Limit

One thing that we like to emphasize in regards to our ceremony every year is that this isn’t supposed to be an “end goal” for anyone of our participants. Even though it is a very prestigious award to be given, we want this to be a jumping point for the industry and a time where we can all come together, put our minds together, and see what the future holds for our respective industries.

More Motivation

cameraworkersWe have brought this topic up quite a few times on this page but it is important and it goes for both our winners and those who did not receive an award or recognition this time around. Even if you didn’t win, use this gathering as a chance to meet up with others in your business to put your minds together and try and change the whole industry.

None of us are leaving this business anytime soon and we want to be the ones to take it to another direction and continue to have breakthroughs as the years go on. As we have mentioned before, the industry is only losing contractors all around the country so it is up to us to make sure we aren’t replaced by robots in the future and continue to make the changes we have made all of these years.

More Than Just An Award

What we really love about our annual celebrating construction event is that we feel as though we are really helping out the industry as a whole by commending those who are invited every year. We want to get people excited about our industry to keep innovation and motivation alive. As we have mentioned before, supply is low and demand is high for construction workers as a whole around the country and we want to turn that trend around.


In addition to our award and recognition, those who are crowned at our event are given a great opportunity to exposure in their business and business grows exponentially for them once it is over.

dirtyWe like to think that there are a few people out there working in the construction business who might work a little bit harder with the hopes of being given one of our awards bringing them much better business for the future. Motivation is our entire goal for this event because we have so much passion for what we do.

Our event is the absolute perfect way for those looking to get their innovative and unique ideas to the public’s attention and hopefully shape the industry for the better. In addition to getting more potential customers, you are also catching the attention of all of the top contractors and construction workers in the entire country.

We love seeing all of these great minds come together and share their knowledge with one another.

The Roofers & Contractors

Just like the guys working in the construction business, the demand for roofers and other general contractors is on the rise and we seem to be seeing fewer and fewer people entering this industry as well. The reasons behind this phenomenon are similar to the reasons less people are entering the construction business and the two can somewhat be considered “synonyms” of each other when we are talking about them in this fashion.

An Exciting Time, Nonetheless!

What is so great about our annual event and as we briefly discussed before, times have never been better for the general contracting industry out there! Even though there seems to be less people entering the business, the products and innovations that are developing every day are more advanced and sophisticated than ever before.

gutterskyAlthough they weren’t crowned the winners (we don’t like to consider anyone who is a part of our celebration to be “losers”), Superior Roofing & Siding Company deserves a mention because of their contribution to our event and the industry as a whole. We won’t take credit or give away what they are working on, but they are on their way to revolutionizing the way people look at gutter and roofing protection. In theory, this could one day be a one encompassing system which could greatly minimize the amount of time that it would take to implement each system separately. This is what we are looking for in our event and is putting them right on track to being crowned at one of our future events!

These are the sort of innovations and breakthroughs that make our annual celebration so exciting! Even though the numbers are shrinking in regards to those entering the field, the advancements and technology that is being put into them has never been stronger or more promising. We hope that there are more out there like us who see these times as exciting opportunities, rather than a dismal state of our respective industries.

The Construction Workers

construction2Unfortunately, there seems to be a steady decline of those trying to enter the construction industry and we believe that this is for a number of different reasons. Like we briefly mentioned before and first of all, times are changing drastically and technology has quickly become the fastest growing industry in today’s job market.

Needless to day, this high demand of IT workers or computer programmers has created a generation that are jumping head first into various tech fields which are leaving less people willing to take on construction jobs.

According to this Atlantic Article, the construction business has seen a nearly 60% decrease in employment for workers in Nevada and other states seem to be following the same trend. Government and corporate funding seems to be following the tech trend by focusing much more on them and neglecting the construction industry.


As opposed to looking at this from a negative stand point, we like to look at this as an exciting time to encourage others to think about going into the construction business because the demand has been increasing as the supply of skilled and experienced workers are decreasing. As we acknowledge and award those who have excelled in their field, we hope to be encouraging and motivating people out there to consider coming to our field.

Until the day comes where robots are constructing our buildings and architects for us, there will be an increasing demand for workers and now is the perfect time to take advantage of it.

Industry Professionals Coming Together

The ultimate goal of our award ceremony every year isn’t to show off and try and out-do the other professionals in your respective industry, but rather to have the most innovative and creative minds come together once a year to learn from one another. We have spent countless hours with each ceremony that we have finding the most reputable and creative construction workers and contractors from all over the country and put them all under the same roof for one amazing evening.

The Unsung Heroes

All of the work that we do to put this celebration together every year is nothing compared to the hard work and dedication that our participants do every single day. In this day and age of growing technology industry, there doesn’t seem to be enough acknowledgement for the men and women who have built the amazing working societies all throughout the country.


Sure, there are a large number of people out there who know the basics of general contracting or construction jobs who carry on with their various respective careers throughout the day, but this event was made to bring out the ones who have changed the industry for the better.

The general contractors and construction workers that are nominated or invited to our prestigious event are those who have proven themselves and continue to advance our field. Just like our previous years, 2014 was no exception and we had an amazing turnout with professionals from all over the country.

Our Two Categories

East Midlands

Celebrating Construction was firmly established as a high point in the regional construction calendar in the West Midlands, each year commanding the attention of industry professionals from across the Midlands and beyond.

New to this year, the East Midlands Celebrating Construction Awards took place at the The Nottingham Belfry on the 19th June 2015 where the industry and industry professionals came together to celebrate the best of the East Midlands region.

These prestigious awards provides one of the most effective platforms for targeting the construction industry, presenting the ideal opportunity for leading brands to maximize their industry exposure and penetrate this economically important market.

West Midlands

For the 8th year, the West Midlands awards will be presented at a high profile dinner on Friday 10 July 2015. More than six hundred leaders and innovators from across the construction sector will gather at the ICC, Birmingham, to celebrate the very best industry projects.

Co-hosted by Acivico Limited, the Built Environment Hub and the Chartered Institute of Building’s (CIOB) West Midlands branch, the event incorporates Acivico’s ‘Built In Quality Awards’ and the Built Environment Hub’s ‘Constructing Excellence Awards’.

These prestigious awards provides one of the most effective platforms for targeting the construction industry, presenting the ideal opportunity for leading brands to maximise their industry exposure and penetrate this economically important market.